Chiffon Fabric

July 25, 2016

Chiffon is a type of balanced plain woven sheer fabric that is lightweight and which is comprised out of alternate Z and S twist crepe yarns. It’s the twist in the crepe yarns that allows it to have a very distinct and unique stretch and value. 

One thing to note about Chiffon is that it’s made either out of synthetic, silk or cotton. The material will differ depending on where it’s created and the value will also change based on the material that was used for it. Chiffon will be similar to a mesh or fine net if you look through the magnifying glass.

This is one of the things that managed to offer Chiffon a unique see-through property. While not entirely transparent, this is one of the few fabrics that offer you great value and it does make it very different when compared to other types of fabric out there. Another great thing about Chiffon is that it actually can be made from natural fibers and these can be dyed to any shade that you want. 

If the Chiffon is made out of polyester however there will be the need for professional and distinct disperse dyes but the process is fast and very reliable. 

Moreover, sewing Chiffon can be a little challenging. Some crafters add a small piece of tissue paper between the 2 pieces that are currently being sewn together. One thing to note here is that the tissue paper is added in order to maintain the integrity of the fabric. Its rough surface actually manages to maintain the Chiffon in the designated place while you handle it. You can easily remove the tissue paper with extra care after you finalize the ripping out process. 

In addition to that, Chiffon is a pinnable material and you can easily use this feature in a variety of ways depending on your needs and expectations. 

Chiffon is quite hard to manage and use if you’re not careful. This is the reason why all the sewers receive special instructions when they use this material. They need to work slow and steadily because with their help you will be able to obtain incredible value and outstanding results at all times. What you will appreciate here is the fact that Chiffon does offer some incredible set of visuals and it’s a material with a stellar visual appeal.

The fact that it’s lightweight makes Chiffon a pleasure to wear and it does offer a very distinct appeal at all times. It’s one of the few fabrics on the market that nurture elegance and offers a great outcome for its users. Another thing to note is that Chiffon is widely known as a very light pink, something that does make quite the difference in the fabric world. Also, this is not a very expensive fabric which makes it accessible for just about everyone.

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