Georgette Fabric

July 25, 2016

Georgette is a sheer, crinkled and light fabric that was designed in order to offer a refined, unique look. It’s one of the materials that offers very powerful absorbing properties and at the same time it’s easy to dye. Georgette has a very dull to rough texture that makes it quite hard to rip and that on its own helps you obtain some great results in the end.

One of the things to keep in mind is that the Georgette material is woven with Z&S twisted yarns, in both weft and warp. Most of the time you will see that Georgette is woven either faux or pure. The faux variant is woven from Polyester and Rayon whereas the pure one is woven from Silk Yarn.

Georgette is one of the newer materials out there as it was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century. There were numerous sources of inspiration when it came to creating Georgette and one of the main fabrics used as inspiration was Chiffon. Unlike Chiffon however, Georgette is a much stronger fabric and that does convey a lot of durability to the entire material.

You can find Georgette in either opaque or translucent materials depending on your needs and expectations. Women like the idea of wearing Georgette because not only does it allow them to bring out their physique, but the material also has a twisted and crushed feel which makes it very appealing and nothing short of extraordinary.

The regular Georgette was created out of silk and it had rayon blends. However the modern Georgette is created with synthetic filaments in order to maintain the costs as low as possible. One of the intriguing sides here is the crepe twist that is designed via the alternation of two ends. That on its own manages to bring in front a very good value.

There are plenty of Georgette varieties out there and each one pertains to its own specific category. With that in mind, you can find Jacquard, Nylon, Viscose, Silk, Polyester and Satin Georgette. All of these have different pricing based on their density and the material that was used for creating them.

Georgette manages to offer a very distinct and unique look which is the reason why many designers are using it. The most common fashion items created out of Georgette include things like skirts, gowns, blouses, saris, dresses and many others. There are many designers that actually use this material in order to accessorize their designs, all thanks to the absorbing qualities offered by the material.

Maintaining Georgette is very easy since you can hand wash it and you just need to use just a little detergent depending on the situation. You can air dry it, you don’t have to use a machine for that. 

Despite the fact that Georgette is expensive in regards to other variations, this is a unique type of garment and one that was worn by aristocrats and royal families for many years. That’s what manages to offer Georgette a distinct, unique and appealing look.

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